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Victoria Guidelines



- Your objective is to bring to speakers attention any bad speaking habits

- Bad habits - ahs, ums, unnecessary sounds that do not add to speech and can be omitted to give a better listening experience.

Note: Consider getting your role to be evaluated as part of the Competent Leader (CL) track.  If you opt to make it part of the CL track (you may as well!), then speak to Karen Chow.  Make sure the Easy-Speak portal registers your CL role, and bring your CL manual to the meeting for evaluation.

Before meeting

- Be familiar with the agenda

[- Have a note pad or paper ready, and list out all speakers' names]
[- Get the form]

- Be clear how you will count and mark down.

During meeting

- Introduce your role when called.  Treat it like a mini-speech (have opening, body, conclusion).

- Shake hands with the TME after you finish

- Listen carefully and note accordingly

Reporting - Suggestions

- Talk about overall performance
- Then about individual speakers. Cover everyone.
- Group results if appropriate
- Shake hands with the TME after you finish

TI Guidelines: