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We meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th working Tuesday at 6.45pm, in or near Central. See details of dates and venue here.

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General Enquiries

Please feel free to contact us at .

You may also call our President, Aaron Leung via 97068148 or via email:
Alternatively, you can contact our Co-SAA,
Karen Chow, at 9229 1550.

Specific Enquiries

Individual Club Officers can also be contacted directly via email:
 PositionName Email
 President Aaron Leung, CC
 Vice President, Education Kelly Gao (Head)
 Marc Dambrines, CC
 Robert Kienzle, DTM
 Stephanie Lam
 Vice President, Membership  May Leung (Head)
 Patrick Davis, CC
 Jyoti Mishra
 Vice President, Public Relations Kin-Ching Tang (Head), ACS, ALB
 Barnabas Cheung, ATMB
 Yogesh Kapoor, CC, CL
 Nina Lam
 Secretary  Li yan
 Treasurer  Seavy Chen
 Jing Ouyang, CL

 Sergeant At Arms April Yu (Head)
 Finnie Law, ACB, CL
 Philip Lam, ACB, CL
 Karen Chow, ACB, CL
 Simon Calder /
 Immediate Past President
 Jing Ouyang

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