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We meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th working Tuesday at 6.45pm, in or near Central. See details of dates and venue here.

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To book a speech or see the agenda for upcoming meetings, visit:

(If you're unfamiliar with the Easy-Speak portal, please contact Karen Chow.)

If you cannot book a speech or role, you can seek for VPE team for assistance: Kelly or Marc to help you.

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If you are a new member, see our New Member Guide!

Taking up a role or making a speech?

If you are taking up one of the faciliator roles or making a prepared speech, please read our club's Guide Notes for each role, so as to get a good idea what the role involves and what's expected:

Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar, then add the Victoria Toastmasters Calendar to it! This will mean that your Calendar will always show the most up-to-date information regarding the time and location of Victoria meetings and events, without you having to update it at all!

To add the Calendar, go to the Meetings page, and under the Calendar widget, click on this icon:

Facebook Group

The most updated information can be found on Facebook fan page as they have a bigger space to upload the photos and for the ease of convenience. The fan page serves as alternative first point of update in events, meetings etc in case we have overlooked in here. We also have a Facebook GROUP, which is invitation-only, and intended for Members and friends of the Club. Join here:

Please DO join the Group so that you can stay notified of latest news from the Victoria.


Our Club offers a videotaping service to its members free of charge in order to let the speaker self-evaluate. If you prefer NOT to be videotaped, please inform Karen Chow or any Club Officer.

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