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We meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th working Tuesday at 6.45pm, in or near Central. See details of dates and venue here.

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Past Presidents


Victoria Toastmasters Club

01-Apr-58 to 30-Sep-58  Dr. R.R. Gamby
01-Oct-58 to 31-Mar-59  John McLeod
01-Apr-59 to 30-Sep-59  J.M.M. Alves
01-Oct-59 to 31-Mar-60  Paul Coope
01-Apr-60 to 30-Sep-60  A.R. de Lange
01-Oct-60 to 31-Mar-61  Luigi Roza
01-Apr-61 to 30-Sep-61  Lachu Khemlyani
01-Oct-61 to 31-Mar-62  Louis Thomas
01-Apr-62 to 30-Sep-62 B. Collins
01-Oct-62 to 31-Mar-63  Auturo de Jesus
01-Apr-63 to 30-Sep-63  Jan Van Essan
01-Oct-63 to 31-Mar-64  M.A. Tyebkhan
01-Apr-64 to 30-Sep-64  Dr. K.T. Kwok
01-Oct-64 to 31-Mar-65  Ishwar Mahtaney
01-Apr-65 to 30-Sep-65  Alberto Costa
01-Oct-65 to 31-Mar-66  Jiji Barma
01-Apr-66 to 30-Sep-66  John Sullivan
01-Oct-66 to 31-Mar-67  Moises Bernardo
01-Apr-67 to 30-Sep-67 Paul Roe
01-Oct-67 to 31-Mar-68 Tony Reading
01-Apr-68 to 31-Dec-68 Fred Barretto and Julio da Silva
01-Jan-69 to 30-Jun-69  B.K. Wadhwani
01-Jul-69 to 31-Dec-69  Paul Roe
01-Jan-70 to 30-Jun-70  D. Lawrence
01-Jul-70 to 31-Dec-70  Roque A. Rivera
01-Jan-71 to 30-Jun-71  Mark Cheng
01-Jul-71 to 31-Dec-71  Krishan Lall
01-Jan-72 to 30-Jun-72  Moises Bernardo
01-Jul-72 to 31-Dec-72  Syed Hassan
01-Jan-73 to 30-Jun-73  Derek Orchard
01-Jul-73 to 31-Dec-73  Luiz A. Xavier
01-Jan-74 to 30-Jun-74 Louis F. Thomas
01-Jul-74 to 31-Dec-74  Mario da Cruz
01-Jan-75 to 30-Jun-75  Mike Schumann
01-Jul-75 to 31-Dec-75  Hugh Ollerenshaw
01-Jan-76 to 30-Jun-76  Frederick Cheng / Charles Levy
01-Jul-76 to 31-Dec-76  Charles Levy
01-Jan-77 to 30-Jun-77 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jul-77 to 31-Dec-77 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jan-78 to 30-Jun-78 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jul-78 to 31-Dec-78 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jan-79 to 30-Jun-79 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jul-79 to 31-Dec-79  Kenneth Yu
01-Jan-80 to 30-Jun-80  Victor Wong
01-Jul-80 to 31-Dec-80  Robin Wong
01-Jan-81 to 30-Sep-81  Douglas Moorhead
01-Oct-81 to 31-Mar-82  Hugh Ollerenshaw
01-Apr-82 to 31-Dec-82 (Unconfirmed)
01-Jan-83 to 31-Dec-83  Michael Schumann
01-Jan-84 to 31-Dec-84  Benny Lo
01-Jan-85 to 31-May-85  Adrian Ogle
01-Jun-85 to 31-Dec-85  Louis Thomas
01-Jan-86 to 31-Dec-86  Geoff Baker
01-Jan-87 to 31-Dec-87  David Boehm
01-Jan-88 to 31-Dec-88 James Leung
01-Jan-89 to 30-Jun-89  Angela Lee
01-Jul-89 to 31-Dec-89  Brian Tucker
01-Jan-90 to 31-Dec-90  Alfred Croucher
01-Jan-91 to 31-Dec-91  Adrian Ogle
01-Jan-92 to 30-Jun-92  Doris Cheung
01-Jul-92 to 30-Jun-93  Doris Cheung
01-Jul-93 to 30-Jun-94  Betty Lam
01-Jul-94 to 30-Jun-95  Rose Allender
01-Jul-95 to 30-Jun-96  Susan Ng
01-Jul-96 to 30-Jun-97  Chris Chapman
01-Jul-97 to 30-Jun-98  Martin Wray
01-Jul-98 to 01-Nov-98  Patrick Chim
01-Nov-98 to 30-Jun-99  Polly Graham
01-Jul-99 to 30-Jun-00  Eva Tsai
01-Jul-00 to 30-Jun-01  Leo Chan
01-Jul-01 to 30-Jun-02  Steven Cheong
01-Jul-02 to 30-Jun-03  Barnabas Cheung
01-Jul-03 to 30-Jun-04  Karen Chow
01-Jul-04 to 30-Jun-05  Brian Hodgson
01-Jul-05 to 30-Jun-06  Karlheinz (Charlie) Lang
01-Jul-06 to 30-Jun-07  Kelvin Ng
01-Jul-07 to 30-Jun-08  Lorna Christofis
01-Jul-08 to 30-Jun-09  Brian Hodgson
01-Jul-09 to 30-Jun-10  May Chan
01-Jul-10 to 30-Jun-11  Finnie Law
01-Jul-11 to 30-Jun-12 Calvin Chiang    
01-Jul-12 to 30-Dec-12           KL Wong
01-Jan-13 to present             Samuel Sieh

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