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We meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th working Tuesday at 6.45pm, in or near Central. See details of dates and venue here.

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Prepared Speaker

Prepared Speaker - Victoria Guidelines

Before Meeting

- Get speech prepared well in advance, not last minute

- Read the manual!  Be clear what your speech objectives are. You will be evaluated primarily on whether the objectives have been achieved, not necessarily on how well you deliver your speech.

- Speak to other members or your mentor if you need advice

- Please try your best not to cancel your speech, and certainly not within 3 days of the Meeting

- If you have to cancel, inform the VPE immediately

- If you do cancel within 3 days of the Meeting, then the Club Officers may allocate your next speaking slot to another speaker.

- Using props or the projector? Please inform the VPE in advance, and arrive early to make sure it is set up properly.

- Make sure you time yourself in practice, to make sure you will keep within the allotted time!

- Speak with evaluator (could be just before meeting starts) about whether there is any area in particular that you want him/her to cover.

- Bring your CC manual and pass it to evaluator to add comments in evaluation section for your speech

Note: Consider getting your speech to be evaluated as part of the Competent Leader (CL) track.  If you opt to make it part of the CL track (you may as well!), then speak to Karen Chow.  Make sure the Easy-Speak portal registers your CL role, and bring your CL manual to the meeting for evaluation.

During Speech

- Be mindful of time - watch the time keeper!

- Please end your speech as soon as you can after seeing the red signal

- Shake hands with the TME after you finish

TI Guidelines:

Speech resources: