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Speech Evaluator

Victoria Guidelines


Before Meeting

- Be familiar with speaker's speech objectives

- Read manual for tips and guidelines on evaluating that particular speech, and in particular, the evaluation sheet

- You may also wish to look at the different evaluation sheets to see which would be most helpful for you in making notes on the speech

Note: Consider getting your role to be evaluated as part of the Competent Leader (CL) track.  If you opt to make it part of the CL track (you may as well!), then speak to Karen Chow.  Make sure the Easy-Speak portal registers your CL role, and bring your CL manual to the meeting for evaluation.

At the Meeting

- Speak with speaker (could be just before meeting) to see if there are any particular areas the speaker would like you to look out for or emphasize. Ask if speaker would like you to fill in his CC manual evaluation section.

- During break, feel free to discuss the speech with other senior members to get different views on the speech.

During Evaluation

- Give opening comments on overall reaction to speech

- Acknowledge speaker (can be done as first thing too)

- Make sure within your evaluation you address whether the speaker has achieved the speech objectives

- Highlight the positives, and support it with examples from the speech

- Also note on areas of improvement, and be specificon how it may be done better

- Do not just address the speaker.  Also speak to and engage the rest of the audience.

- If it's Ice-Breaker speech, put more emphasis on the positives. The main goal is for evaluating ice-breaker speeches is to encourage the speaker to keep speaking.

- End with recommendations - did speaker achieve objectives, do you recommend the speaker do the speech again?

TI Guidelines: